Community investment


The Rio Tinto Gove Operations Community Development Fund and the Rio Tinto Gove Operations Sponsorships and Donations Programme make up the operations’ community investment portfolio. Through these programmes, Gove Operations supports community-based initiatives that make a significant contribution and difference.

About the Rio Tinto Gove Operations Community Development Fund


The aim of the fund is to support initiatives that:

  • Result in direct and lasting benefits to the wider community
  • Contribute to long-term solutions to issues
  • Generate benefits that do not presently exist
  • Increase the capabilities and capacity of people and organisations
  • Demonstrate broad support from other key stakeholders
  • Contribute to the future sustainability of the area

The Board, comprising of Rio Tinto and community members meets quarterly to review and approve applications.

About the Rio Tinto Gove Operations Sponsorships and Donations Programme

Our Sponsorships and Donations programme provides not-for-profit organisations and community groups and associations with funding that benefit the Gove Peninsula area. 

Eligible groups can apply for up to $5000 per annum. Applications can be submitted anytime and are assessed quarterly.

The programme is discretionary and support of applications depends heavily on the value they provide to the broader community. If there is not a clear link between your application and the benefit/s it provides the Gove Peninsula area, funding may not be approved.

How to determine if your organisation is not-for-profit

Generally, a not-for-profit is an organisation that does not operate for the profit, personal gain or other benefit of particular people. This can include people such as its members, the people who run it or their friends or relatives.

Not-for-profits can make profit, but any profit made must be applied for the organisation's purpose(s). You can show that your organisation meets the requirements of being a not-for-profit by having particular statements (clauses) in its governing rules, and following these.

What is a sponsorship or donation?

A sponsorship is a financial contribution to a group or organisation for mutual benefit. It is generally determined by a group or organisation's activities, initiative or event. Rio Tinto would generally receive recognition through promotional activities.

A donation is support given to a group or organisation where Rio Tinto is not paid nor receives anything tangible in return. A donation can be a financial benefit or an in kind donation.