Community notices

Community notices

As part of our commitment to keeping our local communities updated, our notices are available to read here.

Power Related Community Notices

Other Community Notices

19 January 2018
Trucking Movements on Dhupuma Road

18 January 2018
Reminder to Observe Waterside Restricted Zones

10 January 2018
Clearing Activities Near the Airport

14 September 2017
Commercial Dive Operations - Gove Harbour

29 August 2017
Waterside Restricted Zones

3 July 2017
Q2 2017 Sponsorships and Donations Programme Round Up

11 May 2017
Rio Tinto Property Management

8 May 2017
Gove Operations 2016 Performance Score Card

26 April 2017
Q1 2017 Sponsorships and Donations Programme Round Up

27 February 2017
Community Investment Programmes

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